For those who are interested in following up on democracy and governmental legitimacy, check out the following article by our distinguished guest:

Consent and Political Legitimacy,’ Amanda Greene

For a deeper dive, Amanda Greene recommends the following:

Democratic Legitimacy, Fabienne Peter
Democratic Authority: A Philosophical Framework, David Estlund
On Legitimacy and Political Deliberation,’ Bernard Manin, Elly Stein and Jane Mansbridge
Arguing for Majority Rule,’ Mathias Risse
‘Procedure and Substance in Deliberative Democracy,’ Joshua Cohen (in Deliberative Democracy)
Defending the Purely Instrumental Account of Democratic Legitimacy,’ Richard Arneson
‘Democracy: Instrumental vs. Non-Instrumental Value,’ Elizabeth Anderson (in Contemporary Debates in Political Philosophy)
Democracy: A History, John Dunn
Max Weber on Democracy: Can the People Have Political Power in Modern States,’ Tamsin Shaw
Can International Organizations Be Democratic? A Skeptical View,’ Robert Dahl
The Meaning and Measure of State Legitimacy: Results for 72 Countries,’ Bruce Gilley

Happy reading!

Matt Teichman