To learn more about the topics we discussed during our last episode, check out these two papers by Joëlle Proust:

Epistemic agency and metacognition: an externalist view, Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 2008, CVIII, 3, 241-268.

Metacognition and mindreading: one or two functions? in: M. Beran, J. Brandl, J. Perner & J. Proust (Eds.), The Foundations of Metacognition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (2012), 234-251.

Those of you who have access to Philosophy Compass can also look at Proust’s survey article.

In addition, keep your eye out for Joëlle Proust’s forthcoming book, The philosophy of Metacognition. Mental agency and self-awareness, due out in 2013 from Oxford University Press.

Matt Teichman