Hi, everybody!

We’ve decided to do a listener Q&A episode. Need philosophical advice? Stuck on a philosophical conundrum? Do you deeply agree with or object to anything we’ve said on the show? Is there a problem you’ve never heard any philosopher talk about that you’d like to hear us discuss?

How does it work? You record a voice message. You email it us. Once we’ve racked up enough of them, Agnes Callard, Ben Callard, and I will take a whack at responding to some.

Here’s what to do:

  • record your question on your phone (or borrow a friend’s!)
  • keep it under 1 minute
  • use either Apple Voice Memos (if you’re on an iPhone) or ASR (if you’re on Android) to do the recording
  • email it to us at elucidations@uchicago.edu

This is guaranteed to be a lot of fun. We’re excited.

Matt Teichman